• "“The nurse who worked the weekend my mom passed was so wonderful. She was incredible and such a blessing. She helped us make it through a difficult journey. I will be forever thankful!”"

    - Patient's Child
  • "“Words cannot describe what a wonderful, caring and giving group of caregivers we had.”"

    - Patient's Child


  1. Who is eligible for Hospice Care Under Medicare?
    With Community Hospice anyone who is covered by Part A of Medicare is eligible for hospice.


  1. The Medicare Hospice Benefit pays for many services related to terminal illnesses when the following three conditions are met:
    • •  The patient’s physician and the hospice medical director certify that the patient is terminally ill
          (a life expectancy of six months or less). 
    • •  The patient chooses to receive care from a hospice instead of standard Medicare benefits. 
    • •  Care is provided by a hospice program certified by Medicare. 


  1. Medicare Pays Covered Costs for:
    • •  Two (2) 90-day periods
    • •  Unlimited number of subsequent 60-day periods if the patient is recertified as terminal 


  1. Medicare Hospice Benefit DOES NOT Pay For:
    Treatments or services unrelated to the terminal illness. Any attending physician charges would continue to be reimbursed in part through Medicare Part B coverage. However, the standard Medicare benefit program still helps pay covered costs necessary to treat any unrelated condition.

For more information on eligibility, please contact Community Hospice at 251.943.5015 or 251.937.7330.